This week from Wednesday April 8th to April 15th brought fun and more work and more back pain. It began great that Thursday night, with enjoying friends’ company, while we went out to Trastevere and then eating delicious frites with an amazing curry sauce. That’s my kind of party night.


The next Friday, my friends (who all live in the same apartment) and I attended the opera Carmen at Teatro di Argentina. I had been wanting to attend one, and I was excited to see the one I had always heard about. The theatre was stunning, and we all had the nose-bleeding seats. We were very close to the ceiling and there weren’t any ushers so we just picked the ones we wanted. The show was all in Italian, of course, so I was just taking direction from the music tones and the actors reactions. All of us were a little skeptical of what actually was occurring. The play wasn’t too long and I’m thankful I saw an opera in Roma finally, despite it being a little odd…

Teatro di Argentina - look how high up we were..
Teatro di Argentina – look how high up we were..
Bridget and I in our lovely velour seats
Bridget and I in our lovely velour seats

The next few days of the week, I spent painting and trying to plan out my finals and essays for the upcoming weeks. I had a lot to do and I wasn’t sleeping as well I should have. Remember that back pain I was having before during Easter weekend? Well, it came back, and it came back bad. I went to the school doctor twice, for my extreme throat pain and my horrible back. I was tired and achey and overwhelmed with work. Thankfully the day I was very very sick my nice teacher let me have an extension to continue to work on my paper. I think otherwise I would have had to turn in a very unedited piece.

I desperately wanted to get better, so I slept and longed for home, but I knew a fun weekend would be ahead if I just got better. My mom sending me baby pictures definitely helped me feel better too. That much back pain and throat pain at the same time should be illegal to anyone. Thankfully, I finished my paper and started to regain strength. During this other round of sickness I was definitely homesick again. There’s nothing like being sick to make you want your bed and your mom.


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