A Quiet Week in Rome

Another day, another catch-up blog post. I know this catch-up style is highly unorthodox, but I really am trying my best here! Also, thanks to those who have actually been reading this, I know who you are…to some degree, since on my views map on this WordPress it doesn’t say who you are, just what country you’re in. However, I only know a few people in Czech Republic, so shout-out to y’all!

So continuing my week of April 1st, I wasn’t too excited about my weekend or week for that matter. Only a few of my roommates were town, including me, so the apartment was bizarrely quiet. Not to mention that I had some homework to do! However, I was pretty excited to have time to hang out with my roommate Katie solo-dolo,

On that Thursday, my inner grandma came out again due to the fact that my back was in severe pain. I struggled to find a solution, class was a very trying struggle as well. Despite being in pain, I persevered and went to the school film showing of A Clockwork Orange with Katie and enjoyed the bizarre cinema and free snacks together. My back only screamed for help a few times. Katie and I both took it easy that night, and next day sleeping in very late.

I woke up and did a full yoga routine for my back, which does help if part of a consistent routine, but barely made a dent in my pain. I kept using the heat and correct posture and this allowed me to enjoy going late shopping on the main avenue, Via del Corso. Of course, I forgot to mention that this was Easter weekend. This holiday made Rome uncomfortably busy with obnoxious tourists walking. It’s interesting to me how easily annoyed I get with visitors to the city, especially since I was one of them three months ago. The streets in the historical center were just brimming to burst with tourists however, making it near impossible to get anywhere or do anything here! Katie and I, in the mid of our annoyance and shopping, we decided to find the fancy McDonald’s I had only heard rumors about and seen on the travel channel years ago (on a special about McDonald’s with my granmama).

Eventually we discovered it! You walk in with a gelato and caffè area greeting you, then walking through a stone tunnel with a seemingly ‘ancient’ artifact towards upstairs. The upstairs holds many areas to order, then dozens of fancy seating areas. It is truly the most posh (as Katie deemed it) McDonald’s either of us had ever been to. If you are ever in Rome, and need a fast meal in between sight seeing, try stopping in here. Or you could just go in to just see it. It truly contrasts with any one in America.

Just a fragment of the seating at the McDonald's
Just a fragment of the seating at the McDonald’s

That night we again took it easy, and sleep in late again, I then spent my day with homework and only slight walking around. Then Sunday, or Easter, was the day of more excitement. I finally saw the Trevi Fountain for the first time since the three months being here; it’s under repair so I have been reluctant to get over there. It doesn’t disappoint, despite having scaffolding and no water running through it. Together on this Easter, Katie and I also walked by the Laudrée shop in Roma and took some macaroons to go, and continued our day by walking around the couture shopping by the Spanish steps that was flooded with the hundreds of Easter tourists. I loved looking at the decadent Harry Winston jewels. On our way home via the tram, we stopped for me to get some lunch, (thanks KT) getting a small panino and a tall cup of to-go sangria with green apples and oranges soaked in the wine. I will probably never find that tiny shop again, but I’m glad I got to enjoy it on Easter!

Thank you macaroons for exisiting
Thank you macaroons for exisiting
The still beautiful, but under repair, Trevi fountain
The still beautiful, but under repair, Trevi fountain

That next Monday off was even better, I got the delight of meeting up with a friend from Hendrix, miss Emily K., who was studying in Morocco this spring semester. Her roommates and her stopped in Rome for part of their spring break and I got the opportunity to share a meal with them.  I love meeting new people and it was especially enjoyable getting to show them the city I fell in love with. We enjoyed traditional Roman pizza at the tiny and amazing Dar Poeta, then munched on a freezing dessert of gelato. Sadly, they didn’t get to see Rome with beautiful weather, but hopefully they still enjoyed its beauty. It’s always nice to see a familiar face and loved getting to show them a little bit of where I’ve been living. Since most of the people I’ve met studying abroad here have had friends or family visit, it was nice for me to have this opportunity as well!

Love seeing this fellow Warrior :)
Love seeing this fellow Warrior 🙂


Here is my bad attempt at a wrap-up – so until my next catch-up post, ciao!


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