Expecting the Dreaded (April 29 – May 5)

Every time I left Rome, I always was happy to return “back home” after an exciting weekend away. This time I was even more excited knowing my next two weeks were going to be less homework and more romping around and discovering more new spots and returning to beloved ones. But sadly, I also I had to keep the thought that this might be the last time, seeing as I left on May 12 for the States. The excitement weirdly blended with the pressure of visiting all the places I had put off going to. I was determined to enjoy this time and overcome the anxiety of not doing everything, like succumbed to in Paris. This time would be stressless (is that a word?), only slightly sad, and leave me in result feeling content with all my experiences. My friend Bridget and I started forming a list of things we needed to do, but in all honesty, there was not enough free time for us to complete them all.

That Wednesday my other pal Dina, in our level 100 Italian class told me how her plans for the weekend was the AS Roma game, which happened to be their last home game that the Americans would be in town for. Hearing this made me instantly NEED to go, and responded by contacting Bridg. Eventually, after her sloooooow consideration, we did go on to purchase our fairly priced tickets in order to attend an authentic European football game (In italian it’s called calcio, taken from the verb calciare, meaning to kick). Sadly we couldn’t convince our other pals to tag along due them all wanting to put studies ahead of their social lives, how lame (Hendrix officials if you’re reading this I usually do this too, but in this moment I happened to have a lot less testing and studying to do than most other students).

After studying most of Thursday, I headed home to work some more before a group of us hung out and went spent some primo friend bonding time including getting more amazing frites, at our favorite night-time exclusive fry shop. Most of the weekend including eating amazing food, including my favorite gelato at La Romana, and preparing for the last bits of finals. Both Bridget and I were in a group with two others working on our final project for the class Art Gallery Management, with our cool, but unexpectedly picky professor.

By Sunday I was so excited to experience the AS Roma game. We had to trek to Stadio Olimpico with a long and hot tram ride to another hot bus, to take us to another hot tram ride, where we concluded our journey by a long walk in the heat. Being the true fans we were, we bought some bootleg jerseys with a player’s name on it that we had no earthly clue was or even looked like. However, this high-quality attire made us feel extremely team-spirited and had us hoping that we looked like we knew what was going on. Still, I had to wear a skirt with this jersey since I didn’t have any shorts, definitely counteracting my any chance at appearing Italian.

Bridget & me feat. my favorite enthusiastic AS Roma fan (the one I mentioned)
Bridget & me feat. my favorite enthusiastic AS Roma fan (the one I mentioned)

Both of us were giddy the entire game, cheering, stumbling upon Dina, enjoying the dramatic ways of the true Roman fans. One kid flipped off the one tiny section of the opposing teams’ fans almost through the entire event. It was all pretty interesting and hilarious. We cheered on numbers, since we didn’t exactly know the players’ names. Even better was when AS Roma ended up winning, so we got to her the stadium sing what I believe was the Rome anthem… “Siamo Roma” (we are Roma). Truer words have never been sung.

Heading back to Trastevere, we were a little tired and overheated, but eventually we made it back only to return to studying and projects. That week we presented our gallery project, but the other group’s was far more professional considering they got to use one of the actual Italian student’s father’s fancy apartment as their exihibtion space. It pretty much blew all of four us in my group away. We tried our best, but without any real contacts in Rome, we lacked more professional art pieces or exhibition space. That night of faux art gallery openings for class lasted forever, and I didn’t get home until much later.


How were we supposed to compete with this?
How were we supposed to compete with this?

Then on Tuesday night, I had to relocate to Bridgets’ place in order to study for an exam, because my apartment was way too loud for anyone to actually concentrate on anything. My last final/exam was the next day, in my Italian class, and I had to go back and remember particular grammar rules in the language. I honestly am terrible at studying past a certain hour, so this was struggle, but once I did this test I was done and free to explore Rome as much as I please. My final post on this abroad blog will talk about what I filled my last week with and more importantly what kind of effect this phase in my life had. Until I get a another free moment, ciao!


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